Friday, June 03, 2005

Rich Trott Famous

Posted by Trey Ravalli

I was pleased to see our own Mr. Trott linked to out in the blogosphere here:

I particularly like that he received top billing over such blog luminaries as Josh Marshall. Rich, be careful or you may not be toiling in obscurity any longer.

On the Noonan piece, I think all of the flaws have been well pointed out in the moderate voice link. Poor logic, hypocrisy on Clinton impeachment, failure to understand the most basic rules of causation. The perceived cocoon that the Bush Supremacy has placed over conservative commentators has proved most enlightening. Now that they don't have to be PC anymore they can tell us what they really think. It's pretty scary stuff. Every time I think it's time to lend a sympathetic ear to helium breathers, they remind me that I really do need to keep breathing oxygen and maybe some Nitrogen while I'm at it



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