Sunday, December 18, 2005

Observations For A Sunday Evening

Posted by Trott

  1. The Official Rich Trott Phrase Of The Weekend is sucks a lot of butt, as in "This rainy and cold weather sucks a lot of butt." Thank you, PP!
  2. I still have some Green Tomato Relish for anyone still interested, and to whom I won't have to ship it. I didn't can it, so if I ship it, it will probably kill you when you eat it upon its arrival.
  3. I now have a whole load of Tart Corn Relish too! I brought the Green Tomato Relish to no fewer than three parties in the last four days, and the Tart Corn Relish has been to two parties. I still have tons. Who wants some?
  4. I'm out of the relish section in The Joy of Cooking and made the Quick Red Onion Pickle this evening. However, I think the recipe is totally f'ed up. There's no way all those onions could really be expected to marinade in that small amount of liquid, is there? I guess I'll find out when it comes out of the refrigerator in two hours.



 Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I am proud to have made such an eloquent contribution. -pp

6:16 PM, December 20, 2005

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