Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ira Glass Gets Me Thinking

Posted by Trott

I listened to the episode of This American Life where they discuss Improv Everywhere's "Best Gig Ever" mission. I've always thought that "Best Gig "Ever" was a great idea and that if I were in Ghosts Of Pasha, I would have loved it. As it turns out, at least one member of Ghosts Of Pasha had hurt feelings over it all.

This got me thinking about how the Palace Steak House owners might feel about Palace Family Steak House. I would be sad if they were displeased with it.

Steak Out!


 faceshooter cheney said...

Well, it would help if the lyrics were "the food's so good" instead of "no good"

Th eirony being that the food is actually quite good in my opinion...then again I am not a veg...

12:12 AM, May 26, 2006
 Anonymous said...

I am a regular there, and I asked the owner about it, and she was not angry or upset but seemed kind of amused and supportive! Her daughter emailed her from scotland to say that she had heard about it. She was quite surprised but mentioned some guys who used to get steak sandwiches climbing on tables looking for power for a video camera. She noted that the odd thing was that they had not been back! I would go in and keep them up to date, and I am sure it will be fine.

12:04 PM, May 28, 2006
 Will said...

It's interesting to read the Improv Everywhere site's description of the Best Gig Ever event. There's an intro which tries to be very respectful of the band, but then there are reports from several of the participants and they sound pretty darn snarky. For instance: "The dimunitive, bearded lead singer especially seemed to bask in the glory, maybe for the first time truly doing his best frontman impression." I'm sure I'd feel made a fool if I was in this band.
But then again, doesn't every rock experience have an element of put-on to it these days? Even if we're not being self-consciously ironic (or outright sarcastic, as the improv people may have been), aren't we sort of camping it up? I mean, even 14 year old metal heads aren't entirely serious when they flash the devil-horn hand signal these days?
I don't know what to think about it.

7:01 PM, May 30, 2006

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