Tuesday, November 06, 2007

For The Children

Posted by Trott

We care about our fans. So, after every show, we wash the cases on all the pillows used during the audience pillow fight segment of the show. It's a very loving gesture, but we know that our fans are worth it. They should not settle for less than clean pillow cases at each show!

However, this week, we went the extra step.

At our last show, someone threw a pillow. (Stop doing that! They're not for throwing! They're for whacking your neighbor on the head!) The pillow knocked over a beer, soaking the leg of Tender Few bassist Nicole. I felt bad, but she kind of deserved it as she was probably just there feigning support while trying to dream up scurrilous things to write about Palace Family Steak House on her band's Web site. Of more concern was the fact that a few of the pillows themselves got soaked in beer.

And our next show is at a playground.

Beer-soaked pillows. Playground. We can't have that.

So, we washed the pillows in an industrial washer at a laundromat.

That's right! We did it. And we did it for the children.



 Anonymous said...

Posted an update on the show on Yelp... along with my first attempt at a flyer! Wooohooo!


1:44 PM, November 12, 2007

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