Sunday, November 04, 2007

Joy Of Cooking Update: Infused Vodkas

Posted by Trott

Last time around, I said I'd stop including this picture of The Joy of Cooking and start including photos of the results of the recipes. However, the photos of small amounts of infused vodka in old-fashioned glasses didn't really look like much of anything. So, maybe next time.

Anyway, there were three infused vodkas. The Tea Vodka was made with jasmine tea. The fact that the leaves were wrapped into balls made it easier to stuff them in the vodka bottle. The Black Pepper Vodka was very easy (as were all the infused vodkas, yet people seem to get so impressed, which is awesome). It's allegedly good in a Bloody Mary, but I've been drinking it straight. But I think I'm most partial to the fruity Citrus Vodka. You can make it with lemon or orange; I went with orange. It works very well in a Cosmopolitan.

Next up: Manhattans



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