Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Posted by Trott

Last night, I went to the Roxie to see Coachella, a documentary (or, as it has been not-unjustly criticized, a puff piece) on the Coachella Music Festival.

It was very interesting to see all these different performers back-to-back. Much as in The Last Waltz, it invites comparisons between the different performers, and one may be surprised by which performers excite and which disappoint.

Because I'm a positive and upbeat guy, I'll zero in on the former and omit discussion of the latter.

I was most surprised at how much I enjoyed Kool Keith, whom I've never listened to much.

Radiohead, whom I've always liked but never been as breathless about as just about everyone else on the planet, did a stellar performance of "Planet Telex." Nevertheless, I couldn't help but ask myself whether I would I have been enjoying it as much if there had been no light show. Maybe.

The Polyphonic Spree were great too.


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